Apartments Environment

Generator: Luxor gardens pays for 20 hours per month on generator use. Any extra use will be paid for by tenants. Please make all payments on time.

When the generator is on, please ensure that at most one air conditioner is used within the apartment to ensure effective power distribution.

Security will alert you as soon as the generator is turned off.
Water: Water from the main lines is included in your rent. If water has to be bought from a water tanker, all tenants would be required to contribute to the cost.

Laundry and Cleaning: Please do not hang laundry on the railings of the balconies. We request that you use the laundry rack provided.

An additional washing line has also been provided on the roof top.
Recycling: Management wishes to encourage our guests to recycle plastic and glass bottles. Please place all plastic and glass bottles in the bins indicated along the driveway.

Garbage & compost: We encourage you to also use our compost located in the garden, all other garbage must be placed in garbage bags and disposed off in the large garbage bins along the driveway.

Food: Left over bread, doughnuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, rice, salad and vegetables etc. can be used as poultry feed. Kindly separate it from your general garbage.

Compost: We wish to encourage you to separate all left over meals made out of flour, grains, fruit or vegetable pulp from juicing, egg shells, corn cobs and husks to be used for compost.